Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Simple Bulkhead Car - Transformers Prime Animated

Bulkhead is a main character in the Transformers Animated series that debuted in 2007 on Cartoon Network. He is the only Autobot among the main five character cast whose name does not originate from a Generation 1 character. In the 2010 Japanese version of the series, he is known as Ironhide.

Bulkhead's original vehicle mode was a Cybertronian bulldozer. After coming to Earth he was given the vehicle form of a green SWAT truck. He has a retractable line and wrecking ball in both hands. He is easily one of the strongest of the Autobots, but he isn't very smart, and though he's a natural builder who loves to make things, he can also be very clumsy. That combined with battering ram arms make him the ultimate "Demolition Bot." Bulkhead has extending telescopic eyes and a storage compartment in his stomach. Since arriving on earth, Bulkhead has gained a keen interest in art. According to the show creators, Bulkhead is inspired by the Marvel Comics hero The Thing.

Design by : Wong Hidayat

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Jumat, 11 Januari 2013

Simple Optimus Prime Truck - Transformers Prime Animated

Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen[1]) - Optimus Prime is the noble and chivalrous leader of the Autobots. He transforms into a red and blue long-nose truck cab that is based on his vehicle form in the live-action Transformers film series, and wields a legendary sword called The Star Saber. Before the Great Autobot-Decepticon war that made Cybertron uninhabitable, Optimus was a data clerk named Orion Pax, and worked in Cybertron's Hall of Records. This was until Primus (the creator of Cybertron and the Transformers) bestowed Orion with The Matrix of Leadership, which contained the collective wisdom of the Primes, and he took the role of Autobot leader.

Design by Wong Hidayat


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